Monday, January 14, 2013

Domaine Zind Humbrecht 1988 Muscat D'Alsace

Wine Review by Tasting Team Member Dr. J
After the news of The Anderson's in Northwood closing in February, I ventured over to see if I could find some deals on wines I may not purchase otherwise. Mixed in with several $100+ bottles in a small section of an aisle, I found a dusty bottle of Muscat D'Alsace from 1988. I have never had anything like this, nor did I know if it would be any good but I just had to take the chance for $19.99. I couldn't wait to get home and chill this as it would be the oldest wine I have personally tasted.
On the nose was peach, honey, butterscotch and lilac. I swirled and let this open for about 15 minutes before enjoying. The nose poured open as this was decanted, almost like potpourri. This wine is surprisingly dry and light with hints of hay, butter, and nuts on the palate. After swallowing, it is gone with virtually no finish.
I wasn't wowed with this wine but I was impressed with the taste after 24+ years. I read that this wine was best somewhere around 2005. It was not "hot" at all. The alcohol was hardly pronounced.
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