Friday, February 1, 2013

Boekenhoutskloof 2010 The Wolftrap Red Blend

The Wolftrap is a deep red blend from South Africa that is ahead of the pack in value and taste.
We picked this up on sale at World Market near Cleveland for just $7. I wish I had picked up a case!
This is a screwcap wine, but as most wine lovers know, that is no longer a sign of low quality. In fact, some would say that it neatly disposes of the whole issue of “corked” wines.
The wine is comprised of Syrah (65%), Mourvedre (32%) and Viognier (3%). First sniff of this Rhone-style blend is surprisingly robust, with plenty of rich fruit.
Earthiness and spice come through with the Syrah, which is sourced from Swartland. The Mourvedre adds structure and weight. The Viognier adds aromatics. The reds are aged in French oak and the Viognier is added prior to bottling.
Adding the white Viognier to a red blend is an unusual, although not completely uncommon practice. While tasting the wine, I could have sworn that the percentage of Viognier in the blend was much higher. I could certainly taste it. It added body without increasing the tannins and helped create a cool silky texture.
The Wolftrap is a nice mélange of dark fruit and cherry flavors. It is an easy drinking wine that is bold without being ponderous.
You can pick up this unique blend for $10 to $11, which is a great value. We’re going on safari to sample even more wines from South Africa.
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