Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Domaine Jean Descombes (Georges Dubœuf) 2009 Morgon

This French red is from the Morgon region of Beaujolais. Wines in Beaujolais are made from the Gamay grape and typically consumed in the first three years after bottling.
Georges Duboeuf is a top négociant and this wine is a great value at about $15. You can’t go wrong with a nice Beaujolais at that price.
Gamay wines are light bodied in general and we would term this a middle-weight. Don’t worry if you’ve had a bad experience with Beaujolais Nouveau, which is a wine phenomenon more driven by marketing than flavor. This Beaujolais is a great all-round wine for dinner or your next party.
The nose is a bit closed, but the taste is a nice bright cranberry. It is rich and smooth on the palate and the finish has a a dollop of caramel.
It’s a vibrant, active wine, ripe with fruit. We recommend it during your next wine Tour de France.
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