Friday, May 10, 2013

2011 Duca di Cardino Chianti

This Italian wine is a Sangiovese blend from Chianti, a rather famous region in Tuscany. Tasting team member Dr. J had bought a large shipment of wine and so offered some up to me and another friend.

When this wine came “up for bid” I wanted to grab it thinking of the lush Sangiovese grape and how it pairs with food. Money was no object so I went all out – and spent $10.

Delightfully surprised, we took this to a spaghetti dinner at a friend’s house and found it went deliciously with the meal. One of the great axioms of wine is that wine and food from the same country pair extremely well together.

This is a ruby red wine with strong cherry on the nose and rich red berry flavors on the palate. The texture is supple and the wine goes well with Italian inspired cuisine and good friends.

Duca di Cardino is a good choice for a casual meal, but is not the height of Chianti wine. For that, look for the red rooster image on the label of Chianti Classico wine or the higher levels of Chianti Riserva (aged) or Chianti Superiore (more stringent winemaking requirements).

Rating: 3 of 5  Value: 3.5 of 5
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