Thursday, June 27, 2013

Organized Crime 2011 Riesling, Beamsville Bench VQA

We were able to pop open this tasty Ontario wine with some Canadian friends. It comes from one of our favorite small wineries, Organized Crime, in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario – more specifically the Beamsville Bench.

We’ve stopped in at this very small winery a couple times and our most recent bottle was courtesy of tasting team members Wine Chick and Sax Man who also make the pilgrimage.

The interesting name comes from a tale of two quarrelling Mennonite congregations who disagreed about one church buying a pipe organ. Members of the other congregation broke in and threw the organ down the hill. In the aftermath we are left with an interesting story and some mighty fine boutique wine.

Riesling can sometimes be a guessing game – not knowing if it will be finished sweet, dry or anywhere in between. The Organized Crime Riesling was a delightful off-dry with splashes of lemon flavor and a slight sweetness.

This has a medium to light body that is fresh and vibrant. It pairs well with poultry and light meals. It is also quite wonderful just on its own. Although I’m partial to dry Rieslings, the off-dry finish with this wine allows fuller flavors to blossom. The cost is a reasonable $21 CA.

After a thorough investigation, I’ve concluded that the only crime is not knowing about this winery and snapping up their flavorful goods.

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