Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Domaine de Nizas 2008 Languedoc Rouge

This wine from the south of France is a blend of 60% Syrah, 35% Mourvedre and 5% Grenache Noir. Like the Languedoc region itself, it captures the feeling of the Mediterranean.

“Garrigue” is a word to describe the distinct herbal notes captured in the wine: a blend of lavender, sage, rosemary and wild thyme. Almost sounds like a Simon and Garfunkle song!

Perhaps that’s why I had a hard time calibrating this wine. I was expecting a heartier, fruitier wine – but instead got a mellow, herbal flavor.

The wine should be served slightly cool and is a good match with Mediterranean dishes or savory food such as duck, lamb or mushrooms. This could be a good weekday drinker, but was uninspired. Cost is about $17.

Rating: 2 of 5  Value: 2 of 5
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