Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Orin Swift 2009 Saldo Zinfandel

I’ve been in a Zinfandel mood lately. The grape has a wide spectrum of flavor and I’ve enjoyed exploring all the twists and turns of its vines.
Saldo is from the Orin Swift and its well-known winemaker Dave Phinney. Orin Swift also produces the very popular The Prisoner blend.
The word “Saldo" in Spanish can be translated as “balance” and sometimes as “here and there.” True to its moniker, the grapes for this vino come from across California. It is a blend of 80% Zinfandel, 9% Petite Sirah, 8% Syrah and 3% Grenache.
Aromatics from this wine include strawberry and spice. On the palate this wine ripples with power! This is a big wine that envelopes the tongue with dark berries, thick coating tannins and a pop of spice. As the wine unfolds there are hints of tobacco and black cherry. There is a bit of heat as this heavyweight clocks in at 15.5% alcohol.
We drank this after dinner the first night, but the majesty of the wine wasn’t really apparent until the next night when Green Dragon served a perfectly prepared lamb entrée for dinner. This is a wine that calls for a big food pairing and can stand up to barbeque or a blackened steak.
The wine runs about $30, but got it for $20 at a closeout sale. At any price, Saldo is a memorable tasting experience.
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Rating: 3.5 of 5  Value: 3 of 5
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