Monday, March 3, 2014

Mutt Lynch Canis Major 2007 Petite Sirah, Dry Creek Valley

Petite Sirah is a mysterious, inky, black beauty of a wine. It is dense and chewy and often used as a blending grape with Zinfandel to add dark color and tannic foundation. On its own, it can produce beautiful wine, like this one from the Mutt Lynch Winery.
The winery was founded in 1995 by Brenda and Chris Lynch based on their mutual love of wine and, yes, dogs. Their motto is: “Apply dog logic to life: Eat well, be loved, get petted, sleep a lot, Dream of a leash-free world.”
Mutt Lynch began experimenting with Petite Sirah in 2006 and in the 2007 vintage, they produced 6 barrels of wine resulting in 139 cases of Canis Major Petit Sirah. Canis Major is a constellation resembling a large dog. Known as the “greater dog,” Canis Major serves as the name for the wineries line of “big dog” reserve wines.
In the glass this wine is a deep impenetrable purple. On the nose there are aromas of jammy fruit and mocha. This is a big wine, with upfront fruit and deep raspberry and cherry flavor notes. The mouthfeel is lush with tannins that dry the mouth on the finish.
I picked this up online for $14.99. This is a smashing wine at that price! This is a wine that could easily become man’s best friend.
Rating: 3 of 5  Value: 4 of 5
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