Thursday, August 28, 2014

Domaine Serene Rockblock “SoNo” Syrah, Oregon

I had mixed feelings about this bottle before opening it during a recent trip to Tennessee. Usually, I avoid non-vintage wines.

There are exceptions, for example, most Champagne is non-vintage as part of an effort to provide the very best flavors across the years. Rockblock is a signature blend of Domaine Serene. Domaine Serene produces a flagship Pinot Noir, Evenstad Reserve, which retails for about $65.

Sometimes being non-vintage allows the winemaker to select the best from different harvest years. In this case, SoNo also combines selected grapes from two different vineyards.

However they did it, the results rock. This is a stylish, robust-yet-smooth Syrah with a finish that goes on and on. Flavor notes of blueberry and smoke are evident.

We opened it during our cabin trip with old friends. My college roommate was playing tunes on guitar and demanded that his glass be kept filled during his epic performance. I poured him some Syrah, then realized how good this was. I stealthily switched his out for a humdrum red blend, keeping the SoNo for Green Dragon and me. He wouldn’t know the difference.

I scored a great deal on this bottle, getting it for $19.99. The SRP is $40. If you see it on sale, buy it. Even at full price, this is a memorable wine that will bring mucho enjoyment – even if you have to use deception.
Rating: 4 of 5  Value: 5 of 5 (based on my $19.99 price)

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