Thursday, December 11, 2014

A to Z 2013 Oregon Pinot Gris

I was looking forward to sampling this A to Z Pinot Gris during our Thanksgiving feast. Green Dragon and I had travelled to North Carolina to share the holiday with her family.
I packed all of the essentials: six bottles of wine and a corkscrew – I also brought some clothes. Imagine my surprise when Green Dragon told me that her family members probably wouldn’t want to drink wine with their Thanksgiving meal. What! She mentioned something about the meal taking place in the early afternoon.
As a result, five of the six wines I carted across three state borders came home with me, including this one. I’m glad it made it.
Upon our return from Thanksgiving, Green Dragon announced we needed new flooring in the kitchen and family room and started tearing up the floor. Instead of leisurely watching sporting events while sipping fine wine, I entered a week of forced labor sawing notches into flooring and tapping them in place. This is what happens when someone watches too much HGTV.
In the midst of the chaos, I chilled down this wine. I needed what the A to Z Wineworks promises: “aristocratic wines at democratic prices.” It did not disappoint.
This is a mouthwatering wine that has impeccable balance between lush fruit and acidity. It has lemon along with honeysuckle flavor notes. Excellent minerality rounds out the package.
A to Z aims at capturing the essence of Oregon through this cuvee of grapes from 30 different vineyards. It brings a “full orchestra” of flavors. Malolactic fermentation ensures a full body.
It’s a regular “best value” and “best buy” pick from the major wine magazines. I can see why. At only $14, I’d also give it a high QPR (quality-price ratio) rating. Wines under $15 can often disappoint, but this is one that outperforms and leaves you smiling.

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