Friday, January 9, 2015

Dubl 2006 Greco Vino Spumante, Campania

New Year’s Eve means sparkling wine. At Toledo Wines and Vines, we weren’t about to be caught short.

Featured prominently at our celebration was a wine made from a grape that is little known: Greco. The grape produces dry white wine and is found east of Naples in Italy’s Campania region.

Greco also makes fabulous sparkling wine. In this case it is made in the method champenoise, the traditional way Champagne is made in France.

In fact, the Campania sparkling wine tradition dates back to the occupation of Naples in the 15th century by Louis XII, who demanded that the local winemakers produce a sparkling wine in his honor.

He was, after all, from Champagne. Greco from the village of Tufo was perfect for the wine.

This is a cool and quirky wine with flavor notes of smoke and oranges. Dubl has a rich mouthfeel and erupting streams of bubbles. It is dry with an edge of minerality. The evening flew by as we sipped the Greco Brut awaiting the ball drop to signal the dawning of a new year.

At only $19.99, I picked up a pair of bottles online at Invino. You might say I was seeing “Dubl.” It’s a vintage sparkling wine that’s certain to impress the crowd at your next festive occasion.

Rating: 4.5 of 5  Value: 5 of 5

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