Monday, January 19, 2015

Ignacio Marin Duque de Medina 2013 Garnacha, Cariñena

This Garnacha comes from Bodegas Ignacio Marin, which was founded in 1903 in the Spanish region of Cariñena. The area has loose, stony soil with a Mediterranean climate.
Garnacha, also known as Grenache, is one of the world’s most widely-planted grapes. It thrives in hot, dry regions and its strong stalks can withstand windy conditions.
The dukedom of Medina, so I learned, is the oldest in Spain, dating back to 1445. The seventh Duke of Medina commanded the Spanish armada at the end of the 16th century.
How did this bottle sail? There were no choppy waters – this has very smooth tannins. It is light in body and fruity, with just a hint of earthiness. It’s a casual sipper that costs about $10. The Duke will pair well with a variety of cheeses and meat dishes that don’t have heavy sauces or spice.
This isn’t a majestic bottle, but could be just the ticket on a Thursday night.
Full Disclosure: This bottle was received as a marketing sample.

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