Tuesday, February 3, 2015

CORE 2007 Elevation Sensation, Alta Mesa Vineyard, Santa Barbara

This spirited wine from CORE Wine Company grabbed me from my very first sip. That was last summer in Santa Barbara at the annual Wine Bloggers Conference.
There was a special tasting event at the Sunstone Winery villa. During the sun dappled early evening, winemaker Dave Corey was pouring Elevation Sensation. The elegant wine put a stamp of perfection on a the scene featuring blue sky, golden hills, great food and new friends.
Elevation Sensation comes from a vineyard high atop Santa Barbera County. It is a Rhone-style blend of 62% Grenache and 38% Mourvedre. The Grenache means it’s ready to drink now, while the Mourvedre gives it aging capability.
I opened this after returning home with friends following dinner at Social gastropub. The meal was wonderful, but filled with the crazy energy and chatter of a hundred or so diners launching their weekend.
We were able to kick back afterward with the Elevation Sensation. Tasting Team member Cabinator noted the very deep flavor notes and said, “it is elevated all the way through.” Indeed, this has heavy accents of cola and raisin polished with some punchy fruit. Relaxed, yet powerful, this is a sensation you will not soon forget.
I purchased a pair of bottles online at $29.99 each. It’s a small price for the memories of last summer – and the creation of some new sensations too. I wasn’t surprised when the online offer quickly sold out.
The funky style of Santa Barbara wines is something I truly appreciate. They deliver Rhone-style wines with a California twist. CORE Winery is one to watch – and you can begin your experience with Elevation Sensation.
Rating: 4 of 5  Value: 4 of 5

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