Monday, March 9, 2015

New TRIbella Accessory Adds Art To Your Wine Aeration

At Toledo Wines and Vines we like to play with our wine. We decant it, aerate it, swirl it – all sorts of fun things in the hopes of unlocking the very best aspects of our wines. We recently received a new wine aerator from TRIbella for review. It’s the most unique aerator we’ve encountered.
Aerators are designed to help red wines “open up” and breathe. We’re convinced it makes a profound difference in the taste quality of some wines.
Most aerators fall into two categories: stand alone aerators through which you pour your wine and the in-bottle aerators which fit snuggly into the top of the bottle.
Most of the in-bottle aerators have a glass bulb through which the wines swirls on its way to your glass. TRIbella takes a different approach.
The makers say their goal is to marry art and science while showing respect to the winemaker and the artisan who created your wine glass. TRIbella creates three streams of wine. The air between the streams allows the wine to breathe and the impact of the three streams also creates a nice froth in the glass, further exposing the wine to air.
We’ve used the TRIbella two different evenings. The first time was during our epic Open That Bottle Night tasting. There is a lot to be said for reading the instructions – which I didn’t do. TRIbella is simple to use and there is only one thing you need to remember – pour with the air vent facing you. Of course I didn’t do it and there was a little splattering of red wine after the pour.
I got smart during my next try and the TRIbella worked perfectly. Once the vent is facing you, you pour. As the instructions suggest, start about four inches away – but then raise the height. This creates three cascading waterfalls of wine. It looks impressive.
TRIbella was introduced last year and was funded via Kickstarter in just three days. In addition to the visual beauty, I like the convenient carrying case. It is a high quality hardsided case that looks like it belongs to an upscale pair of sunglasses – quite convenient for taking on a trip or to a tasting.
TRIbella retails for about $40 and can be found on Amazon or Uncommon Goods. It’s a nice buy for yourself or a wine lover that has seemingly everything else.
Full Disclosure: We receive this product as a marketing sample.

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