Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sapphire Hill 2009 Cinque Gemma, North Coast

Sapphire Hill is located in the heart of Northern Sonoma and specializes in hand-crafted, limited production wines. On Easter, enjoying a relaxing afternoon of appetizers and drinks with friends, we opened Sapphire Hill’s Cinque Gemma.
Cinque Gemma, or “five gems,” is an Italian blend. It is primarily Dolcetto and Sangiovese with Barbera, Primativo and Petite Sirah. With this collection of cool grapes, how could the wine disappoint?
Disappoint it didn’t. This is a signature blend that is medium in body. Green Dragon had requested something that wasn’t too heavy as she was just getting over a cold.
Ham, asparagus, quiche, deviled eggs… whatever we were noshing on, the Sapphire Hill was an agreeable partner. Ideally, though, we’d suggest this be paired with some pasta.
This has the weight of a Pinot Noir and has some beautiful riffs of cherry, but is also has the rich, rustic flavor of Sangiovese. There are hints of caramel and plum. It is not weighted down with heavy tannins and maintains a light, elegant feel.
I scored this bottle from Underground Cellars and got a deal at about $20 for this bottle. With Underground Cellars you pay for the lowest priced bottle in their package and get upgraded to higher priced wine when you purchase multiple bottles. I bought a total of four Sapphire Hill bottles and this is the third I’ve had – each has been delicious. I’m now a fan of this winery.
The 2012 Cinque Gemma vintage is now available from the winery at $40 and I see that the blend is somewhat different, which is to be expected. This is a fun blend that is a great value and is versatile for entertaining. Cinque Gemma gets Cinque thumbs up!
Rating: 4 of 5  Value 5 of 5

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