Friday, August 28, 2015

Segura Viudas Grand Cuveé Reserva A Delicate Sensation

Need a special occasion for sparkling wine? Not always. Sometimes hot buttered popcorn with family pops the cork.

Why You Should Be Drinking Cava

Cava is Spain’s version of Champagne. True Champagne can only come from that region in France – but sparkling wines abound worldwide.
In 2001 Cava overtook Champagne as the world’s best selling sparkling wine. In general, Cava sells at lower prices and, my wife the Green Dragon would say, it tastes better than Champagne.

Are You Kidding With a Cava Popcorn Pairing?

Absolutely not! Popcorn and Champagne has become a popular pairing and we wanted to do a test drive with Cava. Winemakers interested in selling more sparkling wine I’m sure would like to see it consumed casually – not just during fancy-pants events.
Our daughter was preparing to head to Vermont where she’ll be an apprentice baker in a funky establishment. I thought the Segura Viudas Grand Cuveé Reserva would be the ideal way to celebrate the evening.
I loved it. The buttery and salted popcorn harmonized nicely with the flowing fruit flavors and subdued floral of the Cuveé. We also discovered that the bubbles in the Cava just wouldn’t stop streaming. It provided continued enjoyment as they swirled and streamed up into the light froth.
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Segura Viudas Grand Cuveé Reserva A Complex Creation

Segura Viudas is located in Penedès, Spain, which is the source of about 90% of Spain’s Cava production. The Grand Cuveé is interesting because is is a combination of the traditional grapes Macabeo and Parellada with a 15% helping of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay adds richness while the Pinot brings some wild berry tones.
The sugar level of this Cava is lower than most so that the light blend of savory and fresh flavors can shine through. The alcohol level is a light 12%. This wine can pair with a variety of fish dishes, tempura, braised meats and aged cheeses.
This sophisticated Spanish sparkler is a steal at an SRP of only $14. Segura Viudas estate has roots going back to the 11th Century. Now wider distribution in the US means you can now more readily enjoy Cava from this expert producer of sparkling wine.
Full disclosure: We received this wine as a marketing sample.
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