Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alta Vista 2013 Premium Torrontes, Salta

Most of the focus in Argentina is on red wine, specifically Malbec. Torrontes is a white wine that is under the radar, but worthy of attention.

Bridging The Wine Gap

The hot months of summer are ideal for chilled white wines and the frosty days of winter call out for robust reds or perhaps a glass of Port.
What about the months in between? We suggest that this is the perfect time to try something different. In our case, it was a bottle of Torrontes.
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Torrontes Is Expressive And Flavorful

I uncorked this bottle not knowing quite what to expect. Expecting a run of the mill white with timid flavors, I was surprised when I whiffed the bouquet of (nearly) explosive aroma. It was like walking down the aisle of the floral department.
I poured a glass for Green Dragon who was distracted with some household activity. She took a sip of it and declared, “It tastes like flowers.”
The Alta Vista Torrontes does indeed have a smell and taste of roses and reminded us of Gewürztraminer. The taste was vibrant and refreshing. For Green Dragon, it was a bit too much, and so she grabbed some cheese and crackers to moderate the zesty flavor.

High Elevation Grapes

Grapes for the Premium Torrontes come from the high elevation Cafayate vineyards in Argentina’s Salta region. The vineyards, which are at 5,400 feet, are among the best in Salta, which is known for the best Torrontes.
The wine is aged in steel tanks and maintains a clean and crisp flavor. We think this would go well with fish and seafood dishes, or perhaps spicy Thai.
At $18.99 SRP, this is an affordable excursion into cool. Argentina is known for some of the best wine values and apparently that it true of the white wines as well as the red.
Embrace the “flower power” with this premium Torrontes from Alta Vista.
Full Disclosure: This wine was received as a marketing sample.
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