Monday, October 5, 2015

Septima 2014 Malbec, Mendoza

Malbec has its roots in France’s Bordeaux region, but it has flourished in Argentina. It’s rich flavors and reasonable prices have made it a hit in the US.

A Wine From The Heart of Malbec Country

Bodega Septima is part of the Codorniu Group. Codorniu is most noted for pioneering Spain’s sparkling wine Cava. Codorniu now spans Spain, Napa Valley and Argentina. Septima is Spanish for seventh and is the seventh Codorniu winery.
This 2014 Malbec comes from Mendoza, the most important wine producing region in Argentina. Mendoza produces 70 percent of the country’s wine grapes. Malbec is Argentina’s most widely produced wine.
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Flavor And Value: A Winning Combination

Malbec has long been high on our list of favorite wines due to the incredible value. A majority of the Argentinian Malbec available in the US is less than $20. Lately, though, we’ve been wanting more and have been willing to plunk down a few extra pesos to get a more complex Malbec.
The grapes for the 2014 Septima come from the Luján de Cuyo region of Mendoza. The 2014 season was the coldest since 2001 and caused a delay in the harvest. The berries are high in acidity and have concentrated flavors. The wine was aged for six months in second-use American and French oak barrels.
For me this Malbec has an elegance that elevates it above the other entry level Malbecs, which can be overly fruity. Dark fruit flavors of berry and fig are quite robust. What set Septima apart is the nice toasty finish, which I assume is due to the aging in oak. The oak treatment isn’t overdone, for which I was thankful. The finish was enjoyable with a smooth vanilla slide.
It sells for about $14 and is quite a deal at that price. We continue to recommend Mendoza Malbecs for a high QPR (Quality Price Ratio). Septima is much higher than seventh on our list of good Malbecs!
Full Disclosure: We received this wine as a marketing sample.
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