Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ferrari Brut Rosé, Trento DOC

In the mountainous north of Italy, outstanding Pinot Noir is grown. Here it is called Pinot Nero and it is a delicious addition to this sparkling rosé.

A Sparkling Rosé For All

Years ago hearing “pink Champagne” or “sparkling rosé” would send me rushing in the other direction. My, how times have changed.
We continue to love Champagne and sparkling wine. As we’ve gained our sensibilities and had a chance to sample a wide range of wines, we realize that rosé wines – and rosé sparklers in particular – are fantastic food wines and just plain fun.
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Nero Fiddles While Rosé Sparkles

Emperor Nero has earned his place in ignominy by fiddling while Rome burned. We’re happy to say that his namesake grape is making a much more positive contribution.
Ferrari Wines, which was founded in Trento in 1902, is Italy’s leading producer of traditional method sparkling wines. Ferrari uses 60% Pinot Nero and 40% Chardonnay in this brut (dry) rosé bubbly.
From vineyards at almost 1,000 feet above sea level, grapes for the Ferrari Rosé are picked by hand. The wine is made in the traditional method (just like Champagne).

A Lively Experience

After the delightful sound of the cork popping, we poured the rosé into flutes. We’re been told that tulip-shaped glasses are becoming popular for sparkling wine, but we enjoy watching the bubbles stream to the top of the elongated glasses like pearls in a necklace.
In the glass the wine is a salmon pink color. The bubbles are lively and long-lived.
We opted to go with some light appetizers for this wine. We enjoyed stuffed portabella mushrooms, a selection of berries with cream and some Gruyere cheese. This allowed us to spotlight the wine and sip without being distracted by the kitchen.
The flavor was tart grapefruit with a cranberry twist. At 12.5% alcohol, it is light and delicate. Perhaps the best verdict on the wine quality came from the frequent smiles as we sipped and refilled.
This is a solid bottle of enjoyment for about $36. The quality is quite high and the price reasonable. We have found that a good value strategy is to look for undiscovered gems. Everyone knows about Champagne and so it commands a hefty premium. The sparkling wines of Ferrari are not so well known in the US, allowing you to celebrate the “Italian art of living” for a song.
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Full disclosure: We received this bottle as a marketing sample.

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