Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lakewood Vineyards 2013 3 Generations Riesling

We revisit a favorite Finger Lakes Riesling – and find it a welcome treat on an October evening.

Our Cure For A Dreary Halloween

Last Saturday was Halloween and trick or treat time in our neighborhood. The traffic flow of youngsters appearing at our door demanding candy has shrunk even quicker than the candy bars they sell at the grocery store. I’m sure no one asked a kid when they named a miniscule chocolate bar “fun” size.
To avoid the tricks – and to try to have fun – we stayed at home with a few bags of Green Dragon’s favorite candy. (That way if action is slow, she has plenty of leftovers to enjoy.) She usually gets some Heath bars because, as you know, toffee is a very popular flavor with young kids today (ahem).
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A Disaster For Kids, But A Great Time For Us

Trick or treat this year was a bust for the kids. Several days beforehand the TV weathercasters were warning of showers and chilly weather. Meanwhile the popularity of “trunk or treat” events at the stores and malls continues to grow. The little spooks also have to make an effort to get to our house. We’re on a busy street and we’re a lot lower in the candy/time ratio than a cul-de-sac in a newer housing development.
In short, we had almost no takers on the candy. One kid had some sort of burlap sack on his head with eyeholes. I gave him an “A” for effort and he got as much candy as he could grab.
Meanwhile, Green Dragon and I could settle down with our own treat: a delicious dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes.

Three Generations Have A Hand In This Riesling

When we attended the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Corning, New York, we had a fabulous visit to Lakewood Vineyards. Lakewood is a favorite stop for us in the Finger Lakes and we came home with a bottle of the 3 Generations Riesling.
Three generations of the Stamp family worked to grow, ferment and blend this wine – and they did a bang up job. The grapes are selected from their finest lots of Riesling. The result is a wine that while dry has a juicy minerality.
It swirls with peach and lime flavors. The finish is a welcome kiss of refreshment.
This 2013 vintage is an example of the extraordinary value of Finger Lakes wine. It costs $19.99 yet is superior wine to Rieslings from California that sell for far more. The Finger Lakes winemakers, and the three generations at Lakewood, have the winning combination of freshness, complexity and flavor.
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