Monday, November 2, 2015

Les Dauphins 2013 Reserve White Cȏtes du Rhȏne

Ninety percent of the wines from Cȏtes du Rhȏne are red and rosé. Don’t overlook the refreshing whites from this French region.

Fresh Mix From South Rhȏne

The Rhȏne wine region offers Syrah driven red blends in the north and blends in the south that are primarily Grenache based. In addition to the well known and loved (by us!) red Grenache grape (Grenache Noir), there is a Grenache Blanc.
Grenache Blanc is widely planted in France and Spain. For this Cȏtes du Rhȏne Reserve White from Les Dauphins, it is the lead player.
The blend is 65% Grenache Blanc, 15% Marsanne, 10% Clairette and 10% Viognier. That’s a nicely exotic composition compared to a 100% Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.
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A Ready To Sip Refresher

Likes it’s stablemate (the Les Dauphins Reserve Red which we reviewed previously), the Les Dauphins Reserve White is a bottle ready to drink now, offering refreshment and crowd pleasing flavors.
With Grenache Blanc, the accent is on fresh flavors. It is low in acidity, so it is smooth and silky without the jarring zing that high acid wines sometimes have. There are some floral notes – but you are not hit on the head with a bouquet of flowers.
On the palate there is a nice minerality interwoven with citrus flavors. Marsanne and Clairette and grapes that generally do better in blends, and here they contribute to a nice overall balance.
This wine is a mere $12.99 SRP and 12.5% alcohol. That combines to make this a good choice for a casual meal or an after dinner toast.
Full Disclosure: This wine was received as a marketing sample.

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