Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Drone Launches Wine Flight In Search Of Santa Barbara Vino

Like thousands of others this Christmas, I received a drone as a gift. I’ve had a ball flying it – but this is my first attempt to pair my love of wine with drones…

And Now For Something Completely Different

Over the years I’ve enjoyed the humor of Monty Python. Their television show was a collection of madcap skits and often there was no segue – just the narrator intoning, “And now for something completely different.” Today I offer something completely different.

We participate on a regular basis in Wine Studio, which is a wine education program. This month the focus is on the glorious wine of Santa Barbara County. We’ve visited there twice, once with my cousin and later for the 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference.

Wine Studio involves tasting wine while having a Twitter chat, which enables you to share your thoughts with wine lovers from around the country. A winemaker or winery rep typically takes part. It’s a great program and I’m looking forward to tonight’s session.

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Surface To Air Missile Of Wine

So, weather conditions were right for some drone flying over the weekend. Also, I usually take some photos of the wine we’ll be drinking in advance of Wine Studio. That’s called serendipity!

I set up the wine bottles and a glass for the photo shoot and then decided I should get some aerial footage from the drone. The result? You can judge for yourself. Please enjoy the cinematic excellence!

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