Friday, September 30, 2016

From The Publisher: A New Beginning For Toledo Wines and Vines

This month marks the seventh year since I wrote the first post for Toledo Wines and Vines. Since that time we’ve had more than a half million page views and written more than 1,900 blog posts.

Whew! We’ve come a long way. We’ve shared wonderful wine tastings, winery visits, parties and new experiences galore. We’re made new friends and minted incredible memories. We’ve endeavored to share the fun and knowledge surrounding the fruit of the grape. It’s been a fun trip.

The path ahead will take another direction.

Effective in a matter of days, Toledo Wines and Vines will be rebranded as Vino-Sphere. We will expand our focus from wine to include food and travel. There are a couple of reasons for the change.

First, as we’ve explored the wine lifestyle with friends and our Tasting Team, it’s become apparent that it isn’t only about the vino. What are your most memorable wine experiences? Chances are they were great wine paired with an amazing meal or a spectacular destination. It’s the complete experience. Like the atmosphere in which we exist, we are surrounded by elements that make life something special. Vino-Sphere will explore them with you.

All of the great content produced over the last seven years will still be available through the archives on Vino-Sphere. You’ll see some graphic changes and our social media channels will be rebranded as well.

So, the desire to expand the vision for the blog was the first reason. The second reason is that the Green Dragon and I will be relocating. It wouldn’t make much sense to publish a blog about Toledo wine activities while living 500 miles away. We’re currently working on a Facebook presence for Toledo to continue on even after our wine bottles have moved on down the road.

We’re glad you’ve enjoyed Toledo Wines and Vines. Thanks for taking the trip with us as we enter the next phase of our journalistic voyage and launch into the Vino-Sphere!


Dave Nershi
Publisher, Toledo Wines and Vines


Karen said...

I'm looking forward to the new format!

Dave Nershi, CSW said...

Thanks, Karen. We're looking forward to having some fun with it. We're in the process of making the transition now and getting the changes dialed in properly.