Thursday, November 3, 2016

Join The Wine Party To Ward Off Election Confusion

Does the upcoming election have you in a fog. Democrats and Republicans tussle while there appears no viable third party candidate. We humbly suggest you throw your support to the Wine Party.

A Political Plum For Your Dinner Table

It’s that time in the political process where events crescendo to a fever pitch. In a “battleground” state like Ohio the airwaves are a non-stop barrage of political attack ads: Candidate A is crippling business by supporting foreign trade deals, Candidate B didn’t pay their property taxes. It goes on and on.

The Green Dragon and I decided to salute the political shenanigans by sampling some Donkey and Elephant wine by Schmor Wine. You can “cast your vote” with bottles decked out in a Republican or Democratic motif.

We whipped up some steaks on the grill (for perhaps the last time this season) and settled in for some non-partisan fun. Here’s our take on the “candidates.”

Campaigning For Votes

Each bottle is stylishly attired with a necktie. The Democrats are the blue team and the Republicans the red. It might have been more appropriate if one bottle had a pants suit and the other a red ball cap.

We were determined to see which wine would “make our dinner table great again.” Green Dragon asked if there was a third option for wine – but I replied that the third choice was a bit confused and out of the league of the other two. The Elephant wine led the first primary (meaning I happened to grab it first).

I expected a narcissistic wine that was bold and aggressive. In the glass this wine was off-color and might be offensive to women. The Elephant wine began strong, but started fading in the finish. This wine might not pair well with ethnic food. We wanted the technical specifications, but the winery refused to make them public on the advice of their tax accountant.

The Donkey wine promises all the favorite flavors to all who will buy. The wine has a bit of an edge. The slick packaging that makes you wonder what is being concealed in the bottle. If you buy this wine, beware of the high taxes on the bottle. You might consider having a friend pour your wine as a “private server” or featuring this wine at a fundraiser for a special interest group.

The Returns Are In

We’ve had a bit of fun with our review – but that’s what’s intended with the political wines from Schmor. The wines are red California blends. Schmor is located in Buellton, in the great Cali wine region of Santa Barbara County. Both bottles are very light in body, but highly drinkable. The tannins are not noticeable and we’d say these are intended to be consumed before the presidential inauguration.

There was a bit of a debate (all very friendly) about whether these are the same wines. At first sip, the Donkey wine seemed to have a bit more expressive flavor – so there could be two slightly different blends. We went back and forth on that issue. That’s really missing the point – these wines are fun and great conversation starters.

Now go out and support the Wine Party by buying a few bottles! And on a serious note, make sure you vote in the upcoming election.

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