Wednesday, November 23, 2016

With Little Black Dress Wines, It’s Party Time!

Little Black Dress wines target women with a playfully fun image and value pricing.

While The Cat’s Away…

I recently was out of town for an annual get-together with friends at a rustic cabin. For some reason, a cabin with no electricity, running water or indoor plumbing didn’t appeal to my wife.The cabin has an outhouse, is in the middle of the National Radio Quiet Zone (no cell phones or Internet) and the temperatures were expected to plunge into the 20s.

The Green Dragon eyed my shipment of Little Black Dress wines. She declared that while I was hauling wood for the fireplace 500 miles away, she and her friends would have a Little Black Dress party.

The Stylish Lineup

The lineup of wines included the LBD Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Diva Red. All three of the LBD wines are from the statewide California appellation, meaning grapes can come from any region within the state.

This was a testosterone-free event (no men) and so I wasn’t at the party. But I do have to give kudos to Little Black Dress for their current design. Previously the bottles had a label with a clothes hanger and a pair of high heels. Nothing wrong with that, but as a guy, I certainly wasn’t going to drink it. The label today sports a stylish script LBD and looks clean and contemporary.

Green Dragon says, “Most times you pick wine out for a party – but these wines create the party.” She resisted my suggestion earlier in the week to open and try one bottle. If you have multiple bottles of LBD wine, that creates a real party atmosphere and gives the ladies an excuse to wear their little black dresses.

Our daughter Rachel was in town and assisted with the food preparation. The tasty treats included parmesan shrimp, cheesy olive twists, charcuterie, pesto stuffed mushrooms, port wine cheese and plenty of veggies.

The Wine Experience

The LBD wines are crafted at the company’s Mendocino County winery. The winemaker is a woman, Margaret Leonardi. The lineup includes six different wines.

The Pinot Grigio also has small amounts of Chardonnay, Muscat and Viognier. It’s light and fruity and pairs well with seafood or dishes with soy sauce bases.

Diva Red is primarily a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Petite Sirah – some very tasty grapes. It also includes lesser amounts of Zinfandel, Tannat, Mourvedre, Garnacha and Malbec. This sounds like a red grape party in a bottle. This is a smooth sipper with round berry notes. This will go well with a variety of meat dishes or spicy cuisine.

Merlot is a soft, silky grape and the LBD version also includes a small amount of Petit Sirah. You can expect toasty oak, red cherry and a dash of vanilla on the finish. This pairs well with a variety of dishes including hearty meat entrees.

The price point for these wines is $11.99, so its easy to stage an LBD party. The wines are easy drinking and promote a fun atmosphere. As LBD suggests, a good bottle of wine is the best fashion accessory.

Full disclosure: We received this wine as a marketing sample.

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