Thursday, October 5, 2017

Locations New Zealand NZ6 Sauvignon Blanc

Locations Wine has made its name by blending appellations – mixing wine from across a country’s most famous regions. Its first edition of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc comes from a lone appellation – can you guess where?

All Marlborough All The Time

We are lovers of Sauvignon Blanc. My favorite white is still Dry Riesling, but the Green Dragon has a yen for Sauvignon Blanc. She passed the tipping point a long time ago and is “all in” on Sauvignon Blanc.

We recently tried a bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc, which I rated quite good. Green Dragon wrinkled her nose and said, “Of course it isn’t as good as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.”

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc – specifically from the Marlborough region – is one of the world’s most popular wines. Locations Wine by Dave Phinney recently launched its NZ Sauvignon Blanc, and we were at the front of the line to give it a try.

Blending Valleys

Location Wines is known for mixing up blends from entire states or countries. It’s CA red blend from California, for example, sources grapes from Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and the Sierra Foothills. In doing so, they attempt to capture the essence of California. It’s a formula that has worked, especially when their line of world-class wines is so affordable.

The Locations NZ, adorned in the familiar “bumper sticker” label, breaks the mold. They stay right at home in the Marlborough appellation. That’s fine with us, since it is one of our favorite regions.

What they do instead is blend grapes from the two major valleys in Marlborough, Wairu and Awatere, with grapes from the southern valley of Waihopai. The differing characteristics add up to a nicely complex glass.

In the glass Locations NZ is brilliant pale yellow. On the nose are the hallmark crisp grassy aromas. On the palate this 100% Sauvignon Blanc is crisp with lemon overtones. While having a nice dollop of acidity, this isn’t as biting as some of the edgier Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs. It has ample lush tropical fruit flavor notes served up with clean minerality.

Fermenting in stainless steel keeps the flavors pure and focused. While no date is noted, the NZ6 designation indicates this is a 2016 vintage. It’s designed to drink in the near term. At the SRP of $19.99, that’s easy to do – again and again.

Locations wine, including the new NZ release, is a quality lineup at a very affordable price. You can travel the world without busting your budget. Next stop? New Zealand!

Full disclosure: This wine was received as a marketing sample.

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