Monday, January 8, 2018

Rosé From Provence: Our Antidote To The Bomb Cyclone

Yes, You Can Have Rosé In Winter!

Like many people, we have been “hunkering down” during the intense weather of the the Bomb Cyclone, which has unleashed bitter cold and swirling winds along the US east coast and the southeast. Granted, we are in North Carolina, so our “intense” weather had daytime highs in the 20s and 30s. That’s nothing compared to the wind chill on New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, which was recorded at minus 90 degrees, or the bone chilling cold across the Great Lakes region.

In much warmer and giddy times, we dubbed last summer as the Summer of Rosé, due to the amazing variety and superb quality of domestic and international rosé wines. In one of my favorite photos of the last several months, I snapped a botle of J.L. Quinson 2016 Côtes de Provence rosé on our back patio. This wasn’t last week as you may have guessed, but rather an early Indian Summer evening. It’s a warming image that melts the frost that surrounds us.

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J.L. Quinson is one of France’s largest wineries. Eighty-eight percent of wine produced in Provence is rosé, and for that we are grateful.

This rosé is a blend of Grenache and Cinsault. It offers notes of orange zest and strawberry. Like a lot of very good rosé, it’s not very expensive – less than $10.

Our point? Be counterintuitive. Instead of a glass of sturdy Cabernet, uncork a memory of soft spring breezes with some rosé. Maybe positive thinking will bring back the warm weather.

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