Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Vincent Lataste 2015 Grenache, France

We tend to go gaga over Grenache, a warm climate red grape that is central to many famous wines as well as everyday drinkers.

Roots Of Greatness

The Lataste vineyard traces its roots back to 1850 when vines were planted in the Entre Deux Mers area of Bordeaux. More than a hundred years later, Vincent Lataste, the third generation of the winemaking family, took the reins of the business.

Vincent has continued the tradition of quality, but with an eye toward modernity and developing the export market. In his latest effort, he has unveiled a vegan, certified organic wine brand. The wines are made without harmful chemicals and with certified organic grapes.

Subtle South Of France

At a recent gathering of our wine tasting group, I opened a bottle of the Vincent Lataste 2015 Grenache. The theme of the tasting was Cabernet Sauvignon from around the world – but I figured that the group might also enjoy a bottle that contrasts with the big Cabs.

Grenache, known as Garnacha in Spain, can be an understated, soft grape. Indeed, in Rhône wines it is typically blended to mellow the more assertive Syrah grape. Grapes for this wine come from the Quarante and Herault areas in the South of France region. The area gets substantially more sunshine on average than the typical French countryside and much less rain. This allows the grapes, planted in clay-limestone soil on stone terraces, to fully ripen.

Especially in comparison with the Cabs we were sipping that night, the Lataste Grenache is light in body. This was welcome by some in our group who don’t care for heavy tannins.

This is an inviting wine, with soft texture and a mix of red berry flavor. Strawberry intermingles  with subtle spice notes. Alcohol is 13% and the wine is well balanced. The tannins are flowing and there is no harshness in sight.

A casual meal with friends, or an open bottle after a long work day seem ideal for the Vincent Lataste Grenache. The SRP is $14.99 and the wine is available in NY, PA and NJ as well as online. The portfolio also includes a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

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