Monday, March 4, 2019

Vilarnau Delivers Unique Cava Flavor And Style

It’s hard to choose just one favorite sparkling wine, but if pressed, we’d say Cava. Here are two new top Spanish picks.

Sparkling Style

One of the reasons we love Cava is that this sparkling wine is made in the traditional method, just like the famous bubbly from Champagne. Having visited Spain and the famed Cava region of Penedès, we also are fans of the people and the modern style that permeates all aspects of life there.

The Vilarnau family settled in Penedés in the 12th century and has been producing Cava since 1949. It is a small, artisan operation with a winery interior designed by artist Antonio Miró and the outside displaying clean, modern design.

When we opened the package from Vilarnau Cava, it was a delight for the eyes. The two Cava were special Trencadís editions, with splashy and spectacular labels.

Trencadís is a mosaic created from tiny fragments of broken ceramic tiles, roof tiles or pottery. It was used in the modernist artistic movement in Catalonia. The Vilarnau Trencadis editions certainly should win an award for their design –  if they haven’t already.

Cava Under Cover

You can’t judge a book by its cover – or wine either. The impressive art did put smiles on our faces even before we popped the corks, though.

Romance and rosé from Vilarnau
We sampled the Vilarnau Rosé Delicat Brut Reserva and the Vilarnau Brut Reserva. The Brut Reserva is made with 50% Macabeo, 35% Parellada and 15% Xarel-lo. These are the three classic varieties used in Cava, although others have also been approved for use.

This is a wine with a lovely froth and dry finish. There is a creamy texture with a hint of citrus. Both bottles are Reserva wine, meaning it must be aged for at least 15 months and be no sweeter than Brut. The Brut Reserva retails for $14.99.

The Rosé Delicat is quite different from the Reserva Brut. It is made with 85% Garnacha (known in other places as Grenache) and 15% Pinot Noir. Upon sipping, this reminded me of the Spanish approach to rosé. The wines are often called rosado and have a deeper color than the light salmon color seen in rosé from France’s Provence region.

Like rosado, this has a more powerful fruit flavor than you might expect. It has an intense strawberry flavor mingled with floral notes. This is mixed with the delightful bubbles that tingle and tease. It was a perfect pour for Valentine’s day and, I would suggest, any other romantic evening.

These bottles are perfect sips of Spanish style. They add good taste and beauty to any occasion.

Full disclosure: We received these bottles as a marketing sample.

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