Saturday, April 27, 2019

Beronia 2018 Rosé, Rioja

Looking for a versatile food wine? Try a Spanish rosé.
Rosé from Spain is a great dining option

When the call went out to round up some wine for our Easter dinner, I had two recommendations. The first is an obvious pairing with our holiday ham: Riesling. Another fantastic option, although probably not top of mind, is rosé.

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Rosé is usually lighter in style and lower in alcohol than most table wine, making it a flexible choice for meals ranging from salad to seafood to poultry. In our case, we needed a wine for our Easter ham.

My pick was the Beronia 2018 Rosé from the González Bypass family of wines. González Bypass is a family-owned collection of wineries that was founded in 1835 and focused on Spanish sherry. Today the company offers wines from Spain’s most iconic regions and represents a number of international wineries.

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The Beronia rosé is a blend of 55% Garnacha and 45% Tempranillo from Spain’s most famous region: Rioja. The wine is pale pink in color. In Spain, rosé is often called rosado and usually has a more pronounced flavor than lighter rosé from France. It has more personality.

Vegan lemon lavender poppy cake with fresh
blackberry frosting and lemon zest
The slight sweetness of the Beronia was an ideal counterpoint for the saltiness of the ham. The rosé has rounded and full flavors of cherry with floral aromas. This is a fresh and flavorful wine that is welcome at the dinner table and suitable for drinking on its own as well.

The wine is also vegan-friendly. The color of the wine was a nice complement to our dessert -- a vegan lemon lavender poppy cake with blackberry frosting.

With hot weather knocking on the door, this is a perfect time to stock up on crisp, refreshing bottles like the Beronia rosé. The SRP is $12.99, which makes the sipping even more enjoyable!

Full disclosure: This wine was received as a marketing sample.

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