Tuesday, December 3, 2019

NC Chinese Lantern Festival Brightens The Night


Photos By Dave Nershi, CSW -- Vino-Sphere Publisher

A highlight of the holiday season is the North Carolina Chinese Lantern Festival held in Cary’s Koka Booth Amphitheater. The event runs through January 12 and features more than 20 displays.

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The lanterns are created by hand on silk fabric stretched over steel frames and then lit with hundreds of LED lights. This year the display highlighted ecology and the beauty of Mother Nature. Creations included Rockhopper Penguins, the Mammoth, a Polar Bear and plenty of butterflies. Butterflies are the symbol of love and good fortune in China.

Some displays are interactive, such as the Color Changing Elephant. You hop on and light up this display by riding a bicycle. Romantics can visit the Giant Diamond Rings, while visitors to the Magic Lamp can rub the gigantic lamp to conjure up a genie.

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The lanterns are mainly made in only one Chinese city: Zigong, Sichuan, which has been the capitol of Chinese lantern-making for thousands of years. The skills of the artisans are passed from one generation to the next. Cultural performances take place throughout the evening, with balancing acts, acrobats and juggling.

Chinese Lantern Festival Cary NC

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