Monday, June 15, 2020

Cool Down With This Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet Cocktail

By Rachel Nershi of Earth-n-Oven

Round Barn Raspberry LemonadeA Michigan winery delivers a refreshing new beverage treat.

Looking for a new drink to cool down with in the hot months of summer? Well I think we found one! I had the pleasure of tasting Round Barn’s new hard Raspberry Lemonade, a delightful and summery sparkling wine beverage that they have cleverly crafted at their winery/brewery/distillery in Michigan. Straight out of the can, I noted how fruity and flavorful it is, with the raspberry taste shining through. It is a little sweet, but not too much so, and isn’t overly strong at 5% alcohol, so it’s perfect for daytime refreshment.

I also tried their recipe for a Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet Cocktail, which was a real treat. Using half a can of their Raspberry Lemonade, 1 ounce vodka, and a scoop or two of sorbet (I used lemon) plus a lemon slice for looks, this recipe really took their Raspberry Lemonade to the next level. I loved how as the sorbet melted, it created a foamy froth on the top, and added tangy lemon flavor. Definitely an upgrade from drinks that get watery as the ice melts!

Their ingredient list is simple, and I was pleased to see that they use natural fruit flavors, nothing artificial here, and you can really tell by the taste! I would definitely recommend this adult beverage as a great option this summer. You can find it in Round Barn’s online wine shop.

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