Monday, July 13, 2020

Lauriga Rosé Delights With Grenache Gris

Domaine Lauriga Le Gris RoséA hot day grilling on the patio? These French bottles are sure to refresh.

Busting The Heat Wave

It’s getting hot here in North Carolina. I mean really hot. The other day I was moving some chairs around on our patio and the metal armrest has so hot I had to put on gloves to move it.

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When the heat ratchets up, we need to cool down. Our favorite solution is nicely chilled rosé.

We’ve found the brands of Paul Mas to be a dependable source of high quality, high value rosé.

Recently we popped open the 2019 vintages of Château Lauriga Rosé and Domaine Lauriga Le Gris Rosé. Château Lauriga joined the Paul Mas family of wineries in 2016.

Skewering Some Fine Rosé

For our cookout we decided on skewers of shrimp and grilled veggies. As if it weren’t hot enough, I cranked the grill up and put on the skewers. The combined ambient heat and the blazing grill made we feel like I was working in a smelting plant.

Château Lauriga Rosé As you can imagine, I cooked the food perfectly! We opened both bottles of the Lauriga rosé in order to get a good side-by-side comparison – to stay hydrated too!

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Coming from the Côtes Catalanes, the Domaine Lauriga Le Gris is 100% Grenache Gris. The grape is relatively obscure and is a mutation of red Grenache. It’s grown mostly in southern France, but not much is grown because it isn’t commercially appealing. We, however, found it extremely appealing.

The grapes come from a vineyard about 40 years old with pebbly clay and limestone soil. The wine is salmon in color. On the palate there are bursting flavors of raspberry, strawberry and stone fruit. There is a good balance between tartness and a slight sweetness. This was a perfect pairing with our dish and our tasting crew loved it.

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Château Lauriga Rosé is 75% Syrah with 25% Grenache Gris. It hails from Côtes du Roussillon, a great region for value. The bottle is elegant with a glass stopper – but the fun begins when the stopper is removed. Although both rosés have the same residual sugar, the Château Lauriga comes off drier. The acidity is popping. The wine is fruity and floral with red fruit notes. We normally don’t talk about a rosé evolving in the glass, but his one did. It presented a well balanced symphony of fresh flavors.

Vegan cheesecakeWe ended our meal with a vegan cheesecake made with almond milk, bananas and chia seeds. The chilled creation was topped with blueberries and strawberries. The dessert really doesn’t have a wine pairing, but was a cool finishing touch.

The Château Lauriga Rosé has an SRP of $20. The Domaine Lauriga Le Gris sells for $14. These are great prices and that means you now have the power to break the stranglehold of searing summer heat!

Full disclosure: These wines were received as marketing samples.

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