Monday, August 31, 2020

Bodega De Edgar 2015 Straight Out Of Paso Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

Straight Out Of PasoPaso Robles is the exciting frontier of California Cabernet Sauvignon. This one made us flip.

Cabernet Syrah Shuffle

The last thing you want when you are entertaining guests is to discover that a vintage wine has “jumped the shark.” I pulled a delightful 2011 Syrah from the wine fridge knowing that it was on the outer frontier of its drinking window.

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On the positive side, I could vouch for the proper storage conditions during its long life. Just to be sure, I poured a sip. Aargh! A whiff of acetone told me all I needed to know. Time to grab another bottle.

While our socially-distanced guests on the patio waited, I searched for a different, suitable bottle. My eyes settled on the 2015 Straight Out Of Paso Cabernet Sauvignon.

A Sweet Deal From The Cellar

I occasionally purchase wine from Underground Cellar, which has a nice marketing model. You “buy in” to a particular deal for the price of the lowest bottle in the collection being sold. If you buy more than one bottle, you are guaranteed of an upgrade. I’ve gotten some sweet deals over the years.

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For this purchase, I bought three bottles for $25 each. One was the $25 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon. I also scored a Sonoma Valley Cabernet which retails for $64. I got the Straight Out Of Paso as well, which normally sells for $30.

For me the best part of the deal wasn’t the $5 savings, but the fact that I was able to score a bottle from a very small production winery, Bodega de Edgar, that is producing some really wonderful wine.

The man behind the winery is Edgar Torres, son of an immigrant whose interest in wine was piqued as a waiter in Paso Robles. His enthusiasm for great wine led him to work in the wine industry and the eventual development of his own brand with his wife.

In 2007 the winery started with a production of 250 cases and grew to nearly 3,500 with the 2018 vintage. The winery offers some great Spanish-inspired bottles on their website.

Cabernet Upside Down

Like any wine enthusiast, I love my toys. One of my favorites is the Wine Breather wine carafe. Given as a gift from good friends, it is always a conversation starter.

You first attach the wine bottle snugly to the decanter, then flip the bottle over. The wine cascades into the decanter. You can let it decant for as long as you like. Then you reverse the steps, flipping the decanter on top to drain dramatically back into the bottle. Voilà – you have decanted wine you can easily pour from your bottle.

The neighbor kids playing soccer really enjoyed the spectacle. After the preliminaries, we poured and enjoyed.

I just love wine from Paso Robles (please say it properly, ROW-bulls). While Napa Cabernet prices continue to climb higher than Mount Atlas, Paso is producing spectacular Cabernet at a better price point. Paso wine is big, bold and flavorful.

This is a juicy, ready to enjoy now wine. Straight Out of Paso dials down the tannins and spotlights the black fruit flavors of blackberry and plum. While I’m told this can age for up to 10 years, it strikes me as a more casual Cabernet – one to drink and enjoy now. It’s rich and intense with a coating finish.

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