Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Innovative Treats For Your Isolation Wellness

Flax4Life and PURE InventionsDuring the current COVID crisis, your wellness is more important than ever. We discovered two innovative product lines that should be on your pantry shelves.

You Got To Be Flaxing Me: Flax4Life

These are challenging times. A national health crisis and civil unrest can rock the stability of most people. For me a health issue was added to the simmering cauldron of current events.

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I’ve had a lot of support, including my daughter, who is a certified vegan nutrition coach and an excellent chef and baker. My days of unwise food choices were numbered. She flipped the switch and put me on a diet focused on plant-based foods and limited sugar, bleached while flour, salt and gluten. (These are just a few items on her list!)

When I was introduced to Flax4Life, a smile lit up my face. It’s difficult to find food items that check all the boxes of my new diet. If you are a vegan chef who can whip up a dish using Indian spices and obscure ancient grains, it is no issue. For me, finding tasty foods that are healthy too has been a quest.

Flax4Life is a Bellingham, Washington, family-run bakery that produces gluten-free flax-based products. The business has been operating for 19 years and the decision was made to develop gluten-free and health-oriented products came about after a family member became ill with Celiac Disease.

Flaxseed is high in Omega 3 fat, which is heart healthy. It is also high in fiber and may reduce the risk of certain cancers.

We tried a number of products including muffins, the granola, and an assortment of brownies. The brownie choices include Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, Dark Cherry, Cappuccino and Mint. The brownies are moist and delicious. The Cappuccino Brownies, for example, have 684 grams of Omega 3, two grams of fiber and two grams of protein per serving. There are no preservatives, no trans fat, no cholesterol and it's low in sodium. The flour is ground flaxseed and tapioca flour. It is also dairy-free, nut-free and non-GMO.

Not only is it healthy, but each of the snacks we tried was delicious. Although the granola is geared for breakfast or as a topping for yogurt, I ate the clusters as a snack. It was quite satisfying. Do note that the products contain frozen egg whites. It’s not a vegan product, but meets just about every other dietary restriction you can imagine.

The pricing is easy to digest, too. For a 12-pack of mini-brownies, the cost is $5.50. The granola is $5 for an 11-ounce bag. The muffins are $5.50 for a four-pack.

Flax4Life is a rare treat that is good for you, meets your dietary restrictions, and tastes delicious.

Infusing Joy Into Your Life: Pure Inventions

During a pandemic, you can expect people to be concerned about their immune system. I know I am. As part of my dietary changes, I wanted to boost my immune system. Part of the changes include juicing and drinking alkaline water.

Pure Inventions is a line of liquid extracts that is dedicated to promoting beauty and wellness from within. I’m not sure that any drops will improve my beauty, but I was interested in the wellness aspect. Pure Inventions is a line of water infusion drops that provide immune support and hydration.

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Alkaline water can taste bitter, especially if you make it like we do with cucumbers and lemons. If you use the store-bought variety, it can taste like baking soda. This was a perfect opportunity to use Pure Inventions.

We sampled the Peach Green Tea, Cranberry + Elderberry and Coconut Water drops. The first two provide immune support with antioxidants. The coconut water provides hydration with electrolytes. The products are free of sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and gluten.

Pure Inventions includes a reusable glass jar and straw. You can also use your own reusable water bottle. The point is, they are supporting sustainability. Each bottle includes 30 to 60 servings, much more efficient than buying a sports drink and tossing the plastic bottle after one use.

You can have fun with Pure Inventions. For example, you can make a Coconut Water Mojito (although their included recipe seems to have left out the rum!). Adding a dropper or two of Pure Infusions into sparkling water makes a nice refreshing drink. You can also make some interesting lemonade.

For me, I’ve been adding it to my alkaline water. The cranberry-elderberry drops have been my “go-to” additive. Ingredients include cranberry, elderberry, red raspberry  leaf, and licorice root extract. I know that it makes me want to drink more water and stay hydrated. For hiking and traveling, I can see these drops as being refreshing additions to the water bottle.

The cost for the Pure Inventions drops run from $20.99 to $31.99. There is a wide variety of drops including a formulation called Night, which promotes restful sleep. That runs $35.99. So it is roughly 50 cents to a dollar per drink, depending on whether you use one or two droppers.

We can recommend Pure Inventions as being delicious, promoting hydration and being packed with great ingredients.

Full disclosure: These products were received as marketing samples.

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