Tuesday, October 27, 2020

New Kosher Wine Releases Display Wide Ranging Styles

Herzog Variations 2019 Be-Leaf CabernetThese three wines are perfect for holiday entertaining, special occasions, or when the mood for a great wine strikes.

Going Organic

Our tasting table recently was overflowing with great new wine releases to be reviewed, including these three Kosher wines. In case you’ve missed it, the quality of Kosher wines has shot skyward like a rocket in recent years. No particular faith is required, just a love of good wine.

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The Hertzog Variations 2019 Be-Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon is from one of our favorite Cab locations: California’s Paso Robles AVA. Not only that, but it is a certified organic wine with no added sulfites. We decided this would be a perfect wine to test drive with a fire pit on the patio.

Paso reds can be gargantuan – almost overpowering. This one, was nicely dialed-in with silky texture, flavors of red currant, blueberries, a hint of orange peel and smoke. No reason to fear this wine. A real deal at $24.99.

Going Wild

A number of years ago, we were introduced to wild fermentation by a winemaker in Ontario. Instead of adding pre-formulated yeast, the wine is spontaneously fermented using yeast that is found in the vineyard and especially on the grapes. In our way of thinking, this imparts another level of terroir to the wine, with the yeast adding a special nuance peculiar to the wine’s place of origin.

Segal 2019 Chardonnay

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The Segal 2019 Wild Fermentation Chardonnay is from Israel’s Galilee region. It’s a really wonderful Chardonnay, made all the more so because the flavors aren’t masked by going overboard with oak aging. It is aged in oak barrels, but just enough to add complexity. There are fresh flavors of apple and tropical fruit blended with a creamy, rich texture. Quite a value at $24.99

Going In A New Direction

The Tabor 2016 Revadim Vineyard Marselan is a grape we’ve never tried before. Marselan is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache that originated in France. In fact, it has been approved for use in Bordeaux wines as winemakers there try to stay on top of climate change.

We are all in on Marselan. This is a delicious wine with flavors of tart cherry and fig. There are rumbling bass notes in this wine in the form of herbal and earthy flavors.

It has a balance that keeps you reaching for one more glass. It’s really unique in that Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are typically blended and Grenache typically pairs with Syrah in blends. A marriage between a Bordeaux and Rhone grape, the Marselan really shines.

Tabor 2016 Revadim Vineyard MarselanWhen I learned that Bordeaux was permitting new grapes to their wines due to global warming, I was saddened to hear it. After sipping this wine, I say bring on the Marselan. It’s a great addition – although we certainly need to take any and all steps to address climate change. This wine retails for $39.99.

Full disclosure: These wines were received as marketing samples.

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