Friday, June 11, 2021

Sensational Picks For Your National Rosé Day Celebration

Rosé is a joyful wine in eye-catching jewel tones with delicate flavors that marry well with food. Here are three picks to celebrate with during National Rosé Day on June 12.

Rosé ’Round The World

We’re not sure why, but rosé just makes us happy. Perhaps it is the pink hue, or the fact that it is usually cracked open on happy occasions, but we’re thankful for this wine – especially when the thermometer and humidity start to climb.

All red wines gain their color from juice contact with the grape skins. This is why you occasionally will see a “white” Pinot Noir or Merlot – the juice is pressed and isn’t allowed extended contact with the grape skins. For a red wine, this contact, also known as maceration, can last weeks or months in order to obtain the deep colors winemakers seek. Rosé is a different story. The grapes will remain in contact with the skins for a matter or hours – just until the the hue and flavor hit the winemaker’s target.

In the last decade there has been a revolution in rosé. Quality dry rosé is trending and is erasing the memories of the dreadful sweet, one-note rosé wines from past decades. The quality-price ratio is better than ever, too. You can garner a quality rosé for less than $15 and go completely classy with premium bottles under $30.

Here are three rosé wines, from three different corners of the world, that we are pleased to recommend.

Alma Negra NV Brut Nature Rosé, Mendoza

This wine comes from two high-altitude vineyards in Argentina, one at 3,600 feet and the other at 4,200. We’ve had this wine twice and have been impressed each time. As a sparkling wine, it instantly creates a festive atmosphere. Two of the best types of food wines are sparkling wine and rosé. This wine combines them both!

Alma Negra means “dark soul” and the label features a mysterious, shadowy mask. The wine is a unique blend of Malbec and Pinot Noir.  It’s produced by Ernesto Catena Vineyards. Catena is a legendary name in Argentine wine, and that makes the $16.99 price a real steal. The taste has flowing strawberry with lime and crisp acidity. We enjoyed the Alma Negra with an artfully prepared charcuterie tray and it was fun to taste the different appetizers with a glass of the bubbly. This is a wine that begs you to fill just one more glass.

Mateus 2020 Dry Rosé, Portugal

When we say Mateus is an old favorite, that’s no lie. This Portuguese wine practically invented the category of rosé more than 75 years ago. Mateus was created by Fernando van Zeller Guedes in 1942 and became a craze in the US and Britain. At one point it was the best-selling wine in the US.

Mateus is back with an elegant new bottle shape and label. Inside the wine is crafted with Baga and Shiraz grapes and the flavor is appealing to today’s consumers, who want dry wine.

There is just a touch of sweetness and the wine has a bit more body than Provence rosé, which is fine by us. It has a lively flavor highlighted with red berries. At $12.99 this is a great buy that will keep the party on the patio going all night long.

Tablas Creek 2020 Patelin de Tablas Rosé, Paso Robles

There’s no sense beating around the bush. The Patelin de Tablas is quite simply one of our most favorite rosé wines. We dig all wines from Tablas Creek, which has championed Rhone varieties in California and imported vines from Château de Beaucastel in France to start their estate. The rosé shows the same thoughtful winemaking and respect to the grapes as their full range of wines.

The Patelin rosé is a blend of 74% Grenache, 20% Mourvèdre, and 6% Counoise. Grapes for are sourced from three Paso Robles appellations. Two are rich in limestone: the warmer, higher elevation Adelaida District near Tablas Creek and the moderate, hilly El Pomar to our south-east.

We had to up our food game to find the right pairing. Our master chef (the Green Dragon) prepared a delicious Shrimp and Langoustine Lobster Linguine for the occasion. This rosé is a real gem. Peachy copper in color, the flavors are delicate and ride on fresh minerality with moderate acidity. The flavors are tart strawberry with orange zest accented with grapefruit. The finish lingers -- a standout pairing with our linguini!

It’s time to uncork some rosé for #nationalroséday on Saturday, June 12. If you miss it, don’t despair. These fine wines can be enjoyed any day of the year!

Full disclosure: These wines were received as a marketing sample.

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