Friday, September 10, 2021

2012 1847 Pappy’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Barossa

This Australian Cabernet Sauvignon is a flavorful surprise.

The Most Famous Aussie Region

When we visited Australia in 2019, one of our “must-see” destinations was Barossa Valley, the most famous of all Aussie wine regions. Our first stop was Chateau Yaldara.

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Chateau Yaldara operates from an impressive chateau building with a bubbling fountain and a grand staircase to the front entrance. Before the first sip, we felt special.

The winery was founded by Hermann Thumm, who arrived from Europe in 1941. The term “Yaldara” is the local First People’s term for “sparkling.” The winery is on the banks of the North Para River at the site of a flax mill dating back to 1867.

Uncorking Memories

To revive the beautiful memories, we opened a bottle earlier this week that we had purchased there: the 2012 1847 Pappy’s Cabernet Sauvignon. The 1847 range is reserved for the winery's finest wines.

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We fired up the grill with a couple of nice filet mignon and opened our bottle of 2012 Pappy's Cabernet Sauvignon. At the tasting room, we were impressed with the blueberry notes and smooth profile. Now with the steak, there were initial notes of cedar followed by mint and herbal flavors, eucalyptus too.

As a more mature wine, the tannins have fallen away. For some reason, I was expecting a big bomber of a wine, but this was all about finesse and nuanced flavors. It’s a great contrast to Napa and Washington Cabs, which we have more frequently. We paid A$55 or about $40 US – an incredible value.

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