Thursday, October 14, 2021

Cantine Ermes Quattro Quatri Nero D'Avola Sicilia DOC

One of the best bottles in months!

Nero D’Avola Impresses With Dinner

Nero D’Avola is the most important red grape in Sicily and one of the most important indigenous grapes in Italy. The dark-skinned grape is often compared to New World Shiraz and has the depth and body of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

When I let the Green Dragon know about the wine, the wheels started turning to determine the proper pairing. She decided on Beef Florentine Pinwheels with sautéed kale and roasted potatoes. It’s a hearty wine and quiche definitely wasn’t going to cut it!

Cantine Ermes is one of the most important producers of organic grapes in Sicily. An added bonus to the wine is the appassimento process of partially drying the grapes. This gives it amazing depth. 

Raisinated Wine Rocks

We taste a lot of wine during a year (it’s an important job that someone has to do!) but this one was remarkable. The wine was the most expressive and memorable that we've had in months. The flavors are deep red cherry, minerality, and some coffee notes at the finish. The finish is smooth as this is finished in stainless steel to keep the fresh fruit flavor.

Surprisingly, this bottle retails for a mere $16 to $18. Each sip mingled perfectly with the juicy steak. It was a succulent addition to our meal. Truly beautiful and highly recommended!

Full disclosure: This wine was received as a marketing sample.

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