Tuesday, January 31, 2023

WIYG: What In Your Glass? Here’s Our Latest

WIYG? That’s a question we are often asked. Here’s a look at what's in our glass.

Naked Wine Company “Oh! Orgasmic” 2014 Tempranillo

This is an excellent wine. The name is one reason it remained buried in the cellar. You can’t really open this bottle with a group of friends or family. Things could get really weird!

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The good news is the wine is delicious and still in its prime drinking window. Plenty of dark, thick, fruit notes.

It comes from a wine region that is trending with us – the Columbia Gorge. A scant 550 bottles were produced. Although the winery is now called Evoke, they still offer the Oh! Orgasmic line and the current vintage has a list price of $80.

Whether it delivers on its name is for you to decide!

Hillinger Secco NV

Hillinger has become my favorite Austrian winery. Mostly I enjoy their unique red blends that include Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, and Zweigelt.

I was delighted to see this bottle of rosé nestled on a shelf of a local wine shop. The wine is made from Pinot Noir in the same method as Prosecco.

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Upon opening a tidal wave of froth filled the flutes, just perfect for an unseasonably warm afternoon on the patio. Light strawberry notes match the gorgeous pink color. A touch of kiwi is perfect for this young and fresh wine. A mere $19.

A portion of the sales benefits the fight against breast cancer.

Bennet Lane 2014 Maximus

The Napa Valley blend is labeled as a “red feasting” wine. We popped it open during an evening of appetizers and games with our friends.

Maximus delivered maximum enjoyment! This is a plump, lush wine with a cherry bowl aroma. On the palate, there are dark flavors of chocolate, fig, and dried cherries.

At a $55 price point, it has already leaped onto my list of top red blends to savor. The blend is 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Syrah, and 7% Merlot.

The winery is home to more than 65 90+ point wines. Maximus is insanely good. Get some for your next feast.


Doña Paula 2021 Velvet Blend Blue Edition

This blend from Mendoza, Argentina, features Malbec, Pinot Noir, and Bonarda. You won’t find many blends with Pinot Noir in them. Now I know why.

This wine didn’t have the expected richness of Malbec, but rather an earthy undertone with a slight cherry. The body is nice and silky. There were tannins and some spices, but overall, I didn’t get it. I have enjoyed other Doña Paula wines, but this one wasn’t a cohesive, enjoyable sip.

Argentina, I love you, but this bottle fell short.

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