Monday, August 7, 2023

Two French Rosé Wines Perfect For A Sultry Summer

When the heat is so intense that the pavement melts and people who fall on the sidewalk are burned, you know it’s next-level hot. Don’t even get me started on Phoenix! Our number one survival tip is to sip a nicely chilled bottle of French rosé. We present to you two excellent choices, widely available and at cool prices.

Hampton Water 2022 Rosé, Languedoc

Hampton Water 2022 is the fifth vintage for this wine with a rock-star pedigree. Jesse Bongiovi, son of legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi is the man who along with his partner Ali Thomas created Hampton Water, a brand that has garnered considerable buzz. Being rock ‘n roll royalty doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a master winemaker.

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Fear not. Hampton Water is produced by Gerard Bertrand, a wine maestro with several vineyards in the South of France and an acclaimed winemaker.

Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, and a touch of Syrah blend delightfully in this wine from Languedoc. Languedoc is one of my favorite regions for reasonably priced quality French wines. The wine is fresh with a good balance between fruit and acid. It gets a short spell in new French oak, which adds a unique texture to the wine. Melon, strawberries, and a nice dollop of minerality.

The average price of Hampton Water is $19, making it very easy for you to dive in!


Campuget 2022 Tradition Rosé, IGP Gard

I was in quite a dilemma. My wife was hosting a girls-only mimosa brunch and I was cruelly cast out into the blazing heat. I wandered aimlessly (although in my nicely air-conditioned car) for a while. Then I texted my wine amigo Arthur. I was checking in on a potential date for our next wine tasting.

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Arthur usually visits North Carolina wineries during the weekends, but as luck would have it, he was home and invited me over for a glass of wine. Salvation was at hand.

We often enjoy wine on the deck when Arthur hosts the winetasting. Not today. The sun’s rays were like laser beams roasting anything daring to venture outside. Arthur poured a glass of Campuget Tradition rosé as his wife Mary joined us in the living room.

This wine comes from the Mediterranean coast of France. The Gard IGP covers well-known rosé-producing regions Costières de Nîmes, Tavel, and Lirac.

Syrah (70%) and Grenache (30%) make up the blend, which is light and fresh pink in the glass. It is highly aromatic with notes of peach leading into flavors of raspberry and strawberry. This refreshing wine is completely vegan – using no animal products and fining is done with vegetable proteins and mineral products.

The average price of Campuget Tradition Rosé is about $13, a smashing value for this great wine.

Full disclosure: One of these wines was received as a marketing sample.

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