Friday, December 15, 2023

“Eastern Promise” The Perfect Wine Book For Christmas Giving

Felix Hart is at it again. The wine buyer for Britain’s largest supermarket chain is the witty and adventurous star of Peter Stafford-Bow’s Felix Hart novels. Eastern Promise is the fourth installment and they all have been incredibly enjoyable to read.

Eastern Promise sees Felix being reassigned to the kitchen and bathroom accessories department as part of a radical reorganization by a new CEO. Along with his assignment to procure a splashback-proof toilet seat, he also receives a life-changing amount of money to investigate a billionaire suspected of wine fraud.

This is another Felix Hart romp as only Stafford-Bow can write them. World-class wine tastings descending into chaos, police chases and kidnapping. It all culminates at a showdown with a criminal mastermind.

The world wine market is about to hit rock bottom unless our hero can find a solution and escape the clutches of man-eating elephant seals. The plot is worthy of a James Bond movie and the style and wit of the author makes this a book you won’t put down.

The book is available for $12.99 on Amazon. An audiobook is also available. I recommend this highly as a Christmas gift for yourself or your wine loving friends. Read it with a fine Burgundy!

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