Friday, June 10, 2011

Snooth Launches Social Gaming Platform “Wine Rack”

Snooth is a wine media giant with 800,000 users who research wine, post reviews, participate in virtual wine tasting events and locate and buy wine from local retailers. Like others in the online wine business, Snooth is trying to figure out how to leverage the exploding interest in social media. 

They may have taken a major step forward in that effort by launching an online game where you earn virtual trophies for your wine accomplishments.

On June 1, Snooth Media launched Wine Rack, an innovative social gaming platform on ( Wine Rack rewards users for reading, tasting, rating and reviewing wines and enables them to easily discover new bottles. At launch, Snooth users have over 20 flights of wine to taste through, and over 30 achievements waiting to be unlocked. Launch sponsor, Terlato Wines International, will be offering limited edition Terlato trophies for the completion of a series of quizzes.

Some of the trophies up for grabs include: Region Specialist, Diverse Palate, Horizontal Taster, and the coveted Aficionado trophy (reserved only for those who have over 50,000 interactions on Snooth). Active members will be able to obtain exclusive access to tastings and unlock special offers from retailers and partners.

“Each day, Snooth users log thousands of interactions on the site.  By organizing those interactions in a structured way, we can create powerful incentives for users to continue to discover new wines,” notes Snooth Media CEO, Rich Tomko. “Enjoying wine is social by nature; we’ve simply taken an age old concept and gave it the ability to live within the social web.”

“We have always looked to create integrated and engaging programs that really create buzz for our portfolio,” says Terlato Wines International VP of Marketing, Paul Ashworth. “Digital is a major initiative and this type of innovation allows us to continue leading the wine industry.”
Wine Rack is Snooth’s latest effort to make wine more accessible and less intimidating. Last year, Snooth launched Snooth Wine Pro, an iPhone app that made it possible for users to identify wines by merely snapping a picture of a bottle’s label.

At launch, Snooth’s 800,000 registered members will be able to view their earned and in-progress trophies and flights as well as wines in their wishlist and wine cellar  New users accessing Wine Rack will be able to register for Snooth or can login with their Facebook account.
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