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Regional Wine Week Scheduled October 10-16

Bookmark and Share will hold its third annual Regional Wine Week Oct. 10-16, 2010,
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featuring some of the best writing about regional wine from some of the best wine writers in the country. This year, for the first time, Regional Wine Week will include a haiku contest, in which wine drinkers across the United States can submit haiku about their favorite regional wine. The winning entries will be posted on the Facebook page.

“Regional wine week has a special place in our heart, since that’s how got started,” says DLW co-founder and Washington Post wine columnist Dave McIntyre. “Who would have thought that getting a bunch of people together to write about regional wine on their blogs turned into the national movement?”

During Regional Wine Week, writers across the U.S. post stories about their favorite regional and local wines, wineries, and events to their their blogs, Web sites, magazines, and newspapers. Then, the DLW Web site aggregates all that information, giving consumers a one-stop shop to see what’s cutting edge in regional wine. Over the past two years, writers from across the country have covered dozens of states.

The only rule? That the blog post or article be about something that isn’t from California, Washington or Oregon. And anyone -- whether professional wine writer or not -- can submit a story to be linked to on the DLW Web site.

The haiku contest is equally as simple. Just write a haiku -- three lines of poetry, with five, seven and five syllables in each line -- about your favorite regional wine, winery, event or personality and email it to DLW.

Or, as DLW co-founder Jeff Siegel, proprietor of the top 100 blog The Wine Curmudgeon, noted:

“Drinking Texas wine
leaves me with a feeling that
much is possible”

For information about regional wine week, or to submit a story link or haiku, call (978) 276-9463 or go to the DLW Web site.

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