Friday, June 3, 2011

2009 Si Soave DOC, Italia

Soave is historically one of the top-selling white wines in Italy. The name translates to smooth and gentle. There is a renewed interest in this fresh white wine of Italy’s Veneto region. Last year Soave exports to the US increased by 20%.

Before you even sample a drop, Si Soave makes a big impression with the beautiful design of its bottle. The sweeping curve is eye-catching and just the conversation starter for your next party. In fact, Green Dragon hesitated to put the artful bottle in the recycling bin when it ran dry. Si Soave is 90% Garganega (Soave’s signature grape) and 10% Trebbiano.

We tasted a couple bottles of Soave previously and while they were enjoyable, none of our group was bowled over. Si is a different story.

There’s no pretension that this is a stately wine to be examined at length by wine wonks discussing fermentation, brix and harvest data. It’s designed to be a fun sipping wine with a bit of style that’s perfect for a hot summer’s day.
During my second round of Soave tasting, I gained an appreciation for the aromatic bouquet and its fresh minerality. It has a low alcohol content of 11.5%.

Whereas a Riesling might have a mineral tone and then finish with a touch of sweetness, the Soave has less acidity than a good Riesling and a dash of earthiness. This would pair very well with seafood. The price is right too, at about $9.

While at the J.W. Marriott in Indianapolis we were enjoying an evening drink at their terrace bar and were surprised to see Si Soave on their short wine list. We had just returned from a walk downtown on a sultry night. The Soave provided a tasteful chill.

I may be saying “Si” to Soave more often.
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