Friday, September 16, 2011

2010 SOHO Black Label Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough

This expressive New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc was the second half of an outstanding online wine purchase. For $25 I purchased a “duo” of Sauvignon Blanc from SOHO, a cool Marlborough winery through Lot 18, which offered free shipping.
One bottle was the White Label, which was billed as the everyday drinker. Everyday must be nice in New Zealand because it was rated very highly by us. The Black Label is dubbed as the choice for special occasions.
A side by side tasting would have been ideal, but as things turned out, we tasted each about a week apart, starting with the White Label.
The White was like a rogue ocean wave hitting you in the face on a sunny summer day. It was crisp and refreshing. We were looking forward to tasting the “dark side” with the Black Label.
The Black Label begins with a splash of lime. There is also a fleshy, herbal quality to go along with the bright fruit. It gives the wine a fuller mouthfeel and a layer of nuance not found in the White Label.
The acidity is mouthwatering and the overall sensation very refreshing. The wine can stand alone or pair beautifully with seafood. Black or White label is a good choice with the Black flashing a bit more sophistication.

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