Friday, October 7, 2011

2006 Killibinbin “The Blend,” Australia

This Australian wine is a beefy blend from Killibinbin’s Langhorne Creek Vineyard. It’s a lush mixture of 52% Shiraz and 48% Cabernet Sauvignon.
The aroma is berry laden and the first sip shows the touch of sweetness that differentiates Shiraz from the drier approach of Syrah (it’s the same grape). The fruit forward Shiraz is balanced by an almost equal amount of Cabernet, which provides earthiness and spice.
We weren’t sure what to expect from the label, which shows a huge and sinister dark hand closing around a blonde woman. It looks like something from a graphic novel. The price of $15 sure seemed worth a gamble. It was one that paid off surprisingly well.
This is a round, pleasing wine with that is great for casual sipping. The tannins are very soft, but just like the sinister hand, it packs a punch with 16% alcohol. This should pair well with barbecue or pizza.
Killibinbin is Killigoodgood. ***+
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