Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vino Family Vineyards 2004 Syrah, Sonoma County

Review by Dr. J, TWAV Tasting Team Member
Dr. J was looking forward with great anticipation to opening a 2000 California Merlot that he recently acquired from a co-worker. Turns out the wine was past its prime, but luckily he had a back-up bottle…
Instead, I opened a bottle of Vino Family Syrah. I have recently become addicted to Lot 18. They give me credits for different things all the time, and I feel the need to use them (genius, right?). I got a deal on a duo of one of my favorite grapes.
My perfect Syrah is very dark, inky, and complex. This really didn't fit any of those criteria, yet it still managed to be a wonderful wine. This is a lighter body Syrah. The best description is very cherry!
The nose was full of cherry, violets, and spice. The palette was dominated by cherry once again, with remnants of cassis and a tart finish. I definitely enjoyed this and have no regrets of having a second bottle to consume.

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