Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Le Nouveau Est Arrivé: Satek Winery to Release Nouveau Wine November 15

You don’t have to know French to appreciate the celebration behind the release of Nouveau, as this wine style is the essence of celebration itself.
Satek Winery, (260) 495-9463, 6208 N. Van Guilder Road, Fremont, Indiana, will be bringing a little bit of the French celebration to Northeastern Indiana with the sophomore release of its nouveau-style wine creation on Thursday, November 15th—the same day as the official release date of Beaujolais Nouveau wines in France. Huge festivities throughout France herald the release of the nouveau wine, thus perpetuating the correlation between this wine style and lighthearted celebrations.
The term nouveau refers to wines which are released in the same year in which the grapes are harvested. Satek Winery’s version—Kreibaum Bay Nouveau—was made from recently-harvested Marechal Foch grapes from its very own Lake James vineyard. In keeping with tradition, the whole clusters of grapes were fermented by a process of carbonic maceration, and then quickly pressed, which resulted in a fruity dry red with a light body and paler color. Nouveau wines have a broad appeal because the bitter tannins, normally found in red wines, aren’t there, leaving an easy-to-drink, fruity wine. They are at their peak drinkability within the first month, and are best served slightly cool.
Head winemaker Shane Christ is excited about the Nouveau wine release because “the quality of the fruit this year was high due to an exceptional growing season; the high natural sugar in the grapes gave us a broad spectrum of flavors in the wine, with hints of bubblegum and banana.” He continues, “this is the perfect time to pick up a few bottles of Nouveau and throw a party.”
Satek first Kreibaum Bay Nouveau wine, released in 2011, sold out in 3 ½ days. Twice as much was made this year, but priced at just $11.15 a bottle, it is expected to again sell out quickly.
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