Monday, November 12, 2012

Terrazas 2005 Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza

Argentinean winemaker Terrazas is well-known for producing Malbec high in quality and value. I actually grabbed this bottle by mistake, but enjoyed this reserve Cab nonetheless.
I was in Corks and looking for a Cab from Chile. All the wines from South America are grouped together and in my seemingly endless evaluation process, I drifted across the Andes Mountains out of Chile and into Argentina.
The wine comes from Mendoza, the most successful and well-known region in the country. This is an estate grown wine with grapes coming from the lofty altitude of 3,200 feet.
Cabinator, Glorious T and I began tasting with a plush, fruit forward Cab from Chile. When we tasted the Terrazas, it was a bit of a surprise. This is a 2005 vintage, but the tannins were remarkably firm and edgy.
The Reserva Cab is a more intense wine than the laid back Cab from Chile. The Reserva had a more earthy quality with a twang of spiciness on the finish. With swirling and sipping, the dark fruit in the glass became more evident. This was no bowl of cherries, but rather deeper notes of tobacco and forest.
This wine has nice complexity. I’d recommend this as a partner to a hearty meal as opposed to a casual sipper. Cost was $19.
Rating: 2.5 of 5  Value 2.5
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